An Incomplete History of D&D is for Nerds

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Don’t let the image fool you, fool! This is all 4 volumes of D&D is for Nerds, plus all the extra adventures and fun the team has had. All the podcast episodes without the ads.


  • All 20+ hours of D&D is for Nerds Volume 1 and 2.
  • All 14+ hours of Hus Firma Pride
  • All 11+ hours of Buried Beneath
  • All 3+ hours of D&D is for James
  • All 5+ hours of D&D SideQuests
  • All 6+ hours of Northern Bounty
  • All 3+ hours of The Day the Circus Came to Town
  • All 4+ hours of The D&D Live Show: Fun in the Sun
  • All 12+ hours of Jarren’s Outpost Hustle
  • All 6+ hours of Last Queen of Bluebeach
  • All 8+ hours of Annihilation Now
  • All 8+ hours of Jarren’s Outpost Rumble
  • All 8+ hours of The Search for A’Helm
  • All 6+ hours of Trouble in Orwa
  • All 6+ hours of Pooch & Pals Go South
  • All 17 hours of Vampire Infested Barovia
  • All 13 hours of Into the Island Jungle of Dendar
  • That’s more than 150 hours of D&D fun.

Available as ZIP files.



Bundle updated 17 June 2019

2 reviews for An Incomplete History of D&D is for Nerds

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    Worth receiving weird looks as I laugh to myself listening to this at work.

  2. Nathan

    I listened to this on podcasts and I recommend this to anyone who loves Dnd or has never played it because it’s funny but still plays the core rules.

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