D&D is for Nerds East Coast Tour 2018


Running Time: 6 Hours 2 minutes


In late 2018 we went up along the East Coast of Australia performing a not at all like Scooby-Doo for legal reasons campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. We all had a good time, met some wonderful folk, nearly missed our flight back to Melbourne as our plane was cancelled and another airline lost our merch for a good 12 hours.

We put all the recordings on an SD card, promptly forgot about it and then assumed we just lost it. Fast forward to over a year and while cleaning up the studio in a jet lagged fugue state Zammit found what he thought he’d lost.

So for the first time (unless you went to all 4 shows across 4 cities like a maniac) you can now listen to the entirety of this campaign as it was always intended to.



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