Dinosaur Park

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The 1985 tabletop RPG where Joel and Also Joel have a very bad time in Dinosaur Park. Dinosaur Park comes from episodes of the Plumbing the Death Star podcast called ‘Is John Hammond a Bad Boss?’ and ‘Dinosaur Park 2: The Lost Park’. You do not need to have listened to these but it may help in understanding the beginning of the Dinosaur Park RPG adventure.


All 14 episodes of Dinosaur Park staring Jackson as game master and Zammit and Duscher as Joel and Also Joel. 7 hours and 49 minutes of dinosaur fun. Available as individual MP3s and as one ZIP file.


6 reviews for Dinosaur Park

  1. colton

    I haven’t listened it but still 5 out of 5 will listen again √

  2. David (verified owner)

    10/10 would bang! These guys and girls are geniuses and can do no wrong! Love them all and appreciate all the hard work they do. Listen to there nonsense!

  3. John (verified owner)

    Bought it because I’m too poor to do Patreon, but have listened to these guy’s and gal’s for so long i felt like i owed them a drink.

    Also, this is real good!
    cheers guys,

  4. Jordon

    What are the odds you guys can direct a fella to the PDF of the game itself?


    • markchatterley

      We’ll see what the Sanspants peeps say.

  5. James

    This is easily one of the best things sanspants has put out. I loved this adventure and I’ve listened to it at least five times since buying it and it never gets old.

  6. xgonzalez2410 (verified owner)

    The entire Saga is just brilliant! When I saw that they put the YouTube version on private I came right over to get the enjoyment forever. Love you mates, and keep up the excellent work amigos!

    Your Bro,


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