How to download files using an iPhone

Due to the way iOS works there is no way to download the MP3s we provide directly to an iPhone or iPad. This means that the device will attempt to open the files in a browser window and stream the content which doesn’t always work well. There are two ways around this problem:

Using sync

The best way to get the files on your mobile device would be to download them on a computer and then sync them with your device as you would with music or other files. This could be done through a cable or using iCloud. Either way, download the files to your computer and then treat them as music files.

Using the Dropbox app

We have also found a way for you to listen to the files without using a computer. You will need a Dropbox account, which are free, and the Dropbox app on your phone. Once you have that, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the file link you are sent after purchase to get to the browser Play screen (black with the play button).
  2. Ignore the play button and select the Share icon on the bottom of Safari (looks like a box with an Up arrow coming out of it).
  3. On the lower row of icons, scroll along until you see Save to Dropbox.
  4. If you don’t see that scroll all the way to More and add Dropbox as an option.
  5. This will take you to the Dropbox app where you will be able to save the file. (This can take a little while).Once this has done you can go to Dropbox and select the file (By default it tries to stream the file). To make the file available when you have no internet connection you need to select the down arrow on the right of the file and select Make Available Offline.